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Constitution Place has 560 basement parking bays, 225 of which are for public access. Users will include permit holders, hotel guests and casual users.

  • Permit holders: each permit holder will have a reserved car space. License plate recognition will allow them access into the basement car park. In the case the licence plate recognition does not work, an intercom button for assistance is available. Additional information will be provided directly to permit holders.
  • Hotel guests: Hotel guests’ parking is managed directly at the Hotel Reception. Upon arrival, guests should park in the basement car park and have their ticket validated at the hotel reception.
  • Casual users: can either book their parking through the Xparc app prior to their arrival, to streamline their entry and exit, or casual parkers can collect a ticket at the entry gate and use this to pay for their parking upon exit at the boom gate or at the 5 pay machines available.


Parking rates

Casual users can pre-book their parking through the Xparc app prior to their arrival. This can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

To use the app:

Step 1: Download the app and reserve your space

Download the Xparc app and sign up with your contact, payment and licence plate details. Select your car park location and your start and end time. Pay to complete your reservation.

Step 2: Enter the car park

Once your reservation is complete, show the QR code to enter the car park.
Parking 2

Step 3: Monitor your time

Monitor your time so you know when your parking will run out. You can easily top up your parking, by clicking the prompt in the top right corner, if you’re unable to get back to your car.
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Click here to download the Payment Rates Schedule.


For more information contact the Constitution Place Customer Service Team.

Email:  customerservice@constitutionplace.com.au

Phone: (02) 6275 2227

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